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Drawing Architectural Stories: For site specific installations


As well as creating works of art that provide a form and function, Laurie also works with private clients, developers and brands to bring their space to life through building based works of art. 

These spatial pieces are created on site specific exterior walls, temporary hoardings, meanwhile spaces, retail spaces, floors and interiors to reflect the areas architectural landscape. Often combined with sound the piece uses the theme of architecture to encourage visitors to the space to reflect on the history of the area, its present day representation and to consider what the future might hold. 

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Walls on Walls is an extension of Laurie's site specific practise and is in partnership with sound artist and composer Tullis Rennie.

Walls on Walls builds community engagement in to every element of the artistic process from design to delivery. Each piece represents the very community living among it, defining the uniqueness of a location whilst showcasing the history of an area.

Using local historic walls and community oral histories as starting points, the project works with the community to replicate the architectural identity of an area through painting and sound. The work captures and records the stories found in the life of each location, archiving the history, capturing the now and exploring the the future of each site. 

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