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Drawing Architectural Stories: For brands, corporate clients and individuals


Laurie Nouchka has collaborated with a number of different brands, companies and private individuals to create a series of bespoke collections. She creates unique designs and translates their architectural story onto a range of limited edition garments.

Collaborations include Soho House, Equinox Gyms as well as hotels including The Farmer's Daughter Hotel, Los Angeles and Ovolo Hotels, Sydney.  She has also created a unique collection for Kings Cross London based on the historic Granary Square.  

Spending time in each of these locations, she immerses herself in the local environment creating a site responsive design which translates as an architectural work of art that moulds across the body.

For individuals Laurie Nouchka creates bespoke artworks for her clients mapping their unique, architectural story.

The countries you have been to, the houses you have lived in and places that have architectural significance. Places that make you who you are. Laurie works with the client to draw their journey and design a totally unique, one off artwork.

For further information on bespoke collections please contact us here.